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Club Management Software

Personal Service: the AptusSoft Difference

AptusSoft offers the most comprehensive, integrated package of club management software on the market today—handling every aspect of club operations, from the front desk to finance. To assure you get the most out of our software, we provide hands-on personal service, fine-tuning our software to your needs, training your staff and delivering enhancements that help you take advantage of changes in technology and club management best practices. With AptusSoft you’ll:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Get More out of Club Resources
  • Increase Member Satisfaction & Value

Smart check-in

The front desk is your primary point of contact with members. It’s where you greet and log them in, schedule classes, trainings and court time, answer questions and suggest service upgrades. To make the most of this contact, we’ve designed our check-in module to put extensive member and scheduling data at the fingertips of your front-desk staff. Our check-in module includes such features as:

  • Rapid, multi-mode check-in
  • Member preferences, usage and account status
  • Member schedules
  • One-click check-in for families

Robust membership prospecting

Your club’s business health depends on successful prospecting—you need a constant flow of prospects in the pipeline, with a high close rate for your revenue and profitability to grow. We designed our sales module to make it easy for you to monitor your prospecting activities and the performance of your sales staff. Our prospecting and sales module includes features like these:

  • Comprehensive lead-to-close prospect monitoring
  • Detailed data capture on prospect interests
  • Complete log of sales calls and follow-up activities
  • Tracking and management of free promotional passes

On-line member services

In today’s digital-first world, more and more members prefer on-line self-service. To help you meet the digital preferences of your members, we’ve designed our software to allow you to offer a full array of on-line services, including:

  • Start-to-finish membership purchase on-line, including site tours, membership selection, contract signature and payment set-up
  • Schedule review and class, training and court-time booking
  • Account review and payment
  • Health tracking

Comprehensive data access and reporting

One of the most powerful benefits of AptusSoft is having access to all aspects of your club through one integrated system. Because every action in your club, from prospecting to member check-in, facility usage, purchases and payments are recorded in the same database, you can review their current status, as well as track over time and by facility, department and individual staff member. With AptusSoft you can generate a host of reports, using the filters and format you want, such as:

  • Daily POS reconciliation
  • AR aging management, including real-time charts
  • Sales and marketing campaign tracking
  • Resource/facility revenue optimization
  • Grid-based inventory management

Multi-Location, Multi-Activity Club Management Solution

  • Single/ Multi-location Fitness
  • Sports (Tennis, Swim, gym, racquet, golf, Soccer,..) Franchises
  • Wellness Centers
  • Sports Performance Enhancements
  • YMCA
  • Recreation
  • Campus Athletic Centers
  • Club Resorts
  • Corporate Centers
  • Government Establishments
  • ORK Brook

    Gregg Pill

    Owner, Oak Brook Racquet-Fitness Club

    "We looked at 18 different software companies and chose AptusSoft because they were the only firm that could do everything. Our experience with AptusSoft has been great—we have direct connection to their top people, they always work to exceed our expectations, they create custom solutions for our club and turn them around ASAP. AptusSoft has had direct impact on our business—we’ve better managed our swim and fitness schedules, leading to fuller classes and more revenue."

  • Boost Fitness

    Mark Federico

    Owner, Boost Fitness

    We realized we could save money by handling billing and collections ourselves. By taking that in-house, we were free to get the best club management software around—that was clearly AptusSoft—all the other companies were really processing, not software specialists. With AptusSoft we get a comprehensive product and highly responsive service.

  • Patrick Druken

    Patrick Druken

    General Manager, Tennis Hall of Fame Tennis Club

    There were a couple of finalists for new club management software, but what led us to choose AptusSoft was their ability to find solutions for our club’s unique needs. After working with them to install and customize our new system, the difference between what we had before and what we have now is like night and day—internally we’re all on the same platform, we have good checks and balances, good control, and management and reporting is much easier. And their service has been fabulous—they really go the extra mile!