Why AptusSoft?

AptusSoft offers a comprehensive, integrated package of club management software and service. AptusSoft connects every aspect of club operations, including front-desk, HR, marketing, scheduling, and security, helping you to save money and optimize all of your resources—membership, staff and facilities.

With more than two decades experience working closely with hundreds of clubs in the US, we know this is a business built around people—it’s why we focus so much on personal service.

  • We’ll meet with your staff to understand your club’s unique needs.
  • As needed, we’ll fine-tune our software to fit your operations.
  • Every installation includes extensive personal training.
  • Our top people will be there for you whenever you have questions.
  • We’ll build new features that take advantage of technology and club best practices.

Our flagship product, Enterprise Club and Activity Management System (ECMS), is designed to realize the potential of integrated data working through state-of-the-art software systems. ECMS offers a complete suite of modules designed to help you manage all aspects of your business:

  • Annual planning
  • Billing and collections
  • Staff and facility optimization
  • Member acquisition, upgrades and retention

The AptusSoft Advantage

  • The most comprehensive, integrated package available today
  • Save time and money
  • Get more out of your club resources
  • Increase member satisfaction and value


Your AptusSoft team is dedicated to helping you increase your clubs’ profitability by better managing resources, saving money and retaining and upselling more members. From installation through training and on-going support, we're here to assure our software fully serves your needs today, and give you the tools to grow and prosper.



Our Clients

  • BMW
  • intel
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  • BMW
  • intel
  • volkswagen
  • havis
  • aps