Our premier product, Enterprise Club and Activity Management System (ECMS), provides you with a complete suite of modules designed to help you manage all aspects of your business, from planning, billing and collections, to staff and facility optimization and member acquisition, upgrades, and retention. ECMS is designed to grow with your club, allowing you to seamlessly expand your activities and locations.

ECMS Features

  • On-line and in-house membership sign-in
  • In-house self-serve kiosks
  • On-line member access
  • Extremely rapid payment
  • In-house digital scheduling
  • Multi-profile door access
  • Unlimited locker and other rentals
  • Multi-point member communications
  • Social media integration
Fitness Management

ECMS modules make it easy for your staff to do their job well, and through shared data, give you immediate access to every aspect of your operation. With AptusSoft, you can monitor club performance, analyze staff and facility utilization, track membership initiatives, and plan programs to enhance club profitability.

Aptussoft Club Management Solutions

Fully networked, touch Screen enabled POS:

  • Backed by powerful inventory module
  • Cash Draw enabled
  • Supervised item discounts
  • Choice of Payment options
  • Categorized item list

Family or Group Membership:

A well thought out Parent / Child option permits efficient

  • Family Membership
  • Group / Corporate Memberships
  • Child classes with parent billing Option tracks individual member activities permitting one group or main member billing

Member Progress Tracker:

  • Instructor assignment
  • Set member goals
  • Schedule, plan training / class sessions
  • Monitor, record regular progress
  • Chart, track overall and individual progress to help continue or change training sessions

Member Module:                                             

  • Add new Members in minutes
  • Emergency & referral contacts
  • Custom billing template & secure Billing information
  • Record & Target member interests
  • Store member documents

Integrated Scheduler:                                       

An integrated scheduler to identify (local & remote) class and session resources

  • Live grid to help and track all schedules
  • Track & plan resource allocation & assignment
  • Schedule resource / group,private/ semi private sessions on daily, weekly or random day/time selection

Online Member Scheduling:

  • Real-time in-house or online scheduling
  • Efficiently manage courts or classes allowed for online booking
  • Handle online court time booking as desired
  • Manage class booking in Calendar, Weekly or list view
  • Dynamic pricing based on membership, time or day of the week
  • Accept payment online or in-house
  • Set multi-cancellation rules

Retention and Locker Management:

  • A live, graphical, location specific,locker management
  • A powerful retention management module with ability to drill down to member level details for any given period
  • Export option to export all details to a choice of formats for further in-depth analysis

Accounts and Reports Module:

  • An accounting module with Chart of accounts, GL postings, transaction view
  • An extensive reports module with provision to quickly add custom reports and integrate external report writer tools
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