We're here to help you from day one

Gym Management

Installation & Training

Before you go live with your new AptusSoft system, we’ll meet with your staff to walk through its features, and show them how the modules that relate to their work will help them do their jobs better. Then, during installation, we’ll host hands-on training sessions to help everyone learn the most common tasks for their roles at your club. For managers, who will have access to a much wider range of functionality, we’ll host in-depth, personal training sessions to assure they understand all of its capabilities and have a good working knowledge of how to use them. After installation, we know that users will still have some questions, and so encourage all of our customers to contact us by phone, text or email during business hours.

Club Management Systems

On-going support

While our software is designed to address virtually every aspect of club operations, we recognize that each club has its own management style and processes. Because of that, you may find that your club has some special needs—a report not covered by our software, or a unique approach that requires modification. More than half of our customers come back to us with requests to develop new, custom functionality or to tailor some features of our software to their club’s operations. We welcome these requests, as they assure us that each customer is getting the most out of our system, and they help us to continuously improve our product. We’ve more than doubled our business in the past ten years by keeping our customers happy!



Q: Can we learn to use AptusSoft on our own?

AptusSoft is designed with a logical, highly graphical interface that makes it very easy to learn and use. But switching from a different system (or multiple systems), where everyday tasks are ingrained, may take your staff a little time to adjust. To make things easier, we host information and training session to help everyone understand the system’s capabilities, and learn how to do the most common tasks for their jobs.


Q: If we have ideas for new features, will you consider them?

Some of our best new features and functionality started with ideas our customers brought to us. If you have ideas that you think will make your business run more efficiently, or help your business grow, let us know—we’ll work with you to create solutions to your needs.


Q: Is there an AptusSoft mobile app?

Not yet, but we expect to release one shortly.


Q: Can we do automatic billing with AptusSoft?

Yes, our system allows you to do automatic billing when you set up to daily billing.


Q: Can members track their health?

Our health-tracker module lets members monitor their progress on a weekly and monthly basis.


Q: Does AptusSoft let us send appointment reminders?

With AptusSoft you can send text and email reminders of both bookings and cancellations. You can do these manually, or have the system send the reminders automatically.


Q: Can we publish our scheduling calendar on our website?

Our system makes it easy for you to publish your scheduling calendar to your website, with automatic updates.


Q: Is it possible for prospects to enroll online?

With AptusSoft, prospects have the flexibility to sign-up for membership in person at you club or online.


Q: Can members register and pay for classes online?

Yes, they can register and pay online. If you let non-members attend classes, they can register and pay, too.